The Sex Pistols hardly need any introduction. The London Punk Rocker band was formed in 1975 in London. Their story can be encapsulated in the famous phrase: “Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll”. The Sex Pistols are one of the most influential bands to have ever graced the stage or produced an album, but their career as a group was very short, lasting about two and a half years. They only produced one studio album – Never Mind The Bollocks and an additional four singles. Nonetheless, they are regarded to be the grandfathers of Punk in the United Kingdom and represented much more than music.

Many bands that are around today say that some of their influences came from the Sex Pistols. The band was created by John Lydon – who went by the stage name Johnny Rotten. It featured lead guitarist Steve Jones and Paul Cook on the drums. The original bass guitarist was Glen Matlock, but he was replaced by John Richie in early 1977. If you can’t quite place the name, then think of his stage name – Sid Vicious.

The band was managed by Malcolm McLaren, but the violence and destruction that ensued at many of their gigs meant that they only gave limited performances. Every time they took to the stage, you could guarantee that at the very least, a fight would break out. At worst, police and organizers could expect a full blown riot. They caused outrage with their single God Save the Queen, which was anti-monarchy, anti establishment pro violence and more.

Yet the Punk crowd loved it and kept on asking for more. In 1978, the band toured the US, but the relationship between them soured. Johnny Rotten left and announced that they had broken up. Vicious was arrested in 1979 on suspicion of having murdered his girlfriend. He died of a heroin overdose soon after. In 2006, the four surviving members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but Refused to attend the ceremony.