When you think Punk Rock, you immediately think of Mohawk bleached haircuts that are hair sprayed into sharp bright colored spikes, leather bomber jackets, workman’s boots and skin tight jeans.

That is pretty much how you could sum it up. If you look at any photographs from Punk Rock concerts, that is pretty much what you are going to see. The Punk rocker – and still is – the more stereotypical dress fashion that you could come across.

It is actually called Punk fashion, which comprises the clothes, crazy hair does, black and bright colored makeup, rings and bracelets and piercings that punk rockers embrace. Punk fashion was more evident in the United Kingdom than the United States, especially with the Union Jack flag emblazoned on tee shirts and jackets.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, it was all about standing out from the crowd, trying to be different. In a way, it was a bit hypocritical because the people that were trying to be different actually all began to look the same. There were many influences on the Punk dress style, with skinheads being one of the most prevalent.

The crazy thing is that punk dress sense was meant to shock and actually be repulsive, but many years down the line, high street and catwalk designers have launched whole collections that are inspired by Punk, which of course, stood for everything opposite of what the designers stand for.

Back in the 1970s or 1980s, you could identify a Punk rocker from a mile away. If they were male, nine times out of ten, they would have a bright yellow, pink or blue Mohawk, with skinny black jeans, workmen’s boots and a leather jacket. The styles have changed today, but modern punk lovers have retained the affinity for studs, chains and piercings.