New York Punk band The Ramones are widely recognized as the first band to really identify and push the Punk sound.

Many think that the band members were related because they all adopted the surname Ramone, but there were not. They were just a bunch of kids from Forest Hills in the borough of Queens that formed a band in 1974.

Commercially, they were not that successful, but the imprint they put on the genre was indelible and they went on to influence so many other bands that followed them. One of the crazy things about the Ramones is that they were basically on tour for an uninterrupted period of 22 years, playing an incredible 2,263 concerts in that time.

The band finally disbanded after playing a farewell gig in 1996 after a tour with the Lollapalooza Music Festival. Sadly by 2014, all the four band members – front man Joey Ramone, bassist Dee Dee Ramone, guitarist Johnny Ramone and drummer Tommy Ramone had all died.

While The Ramones were only really popular in Punk circles, their influence has been recognized by some of the most influential music institutions around including Rolling Stone, VH1 and others. The band was also given a Lifetime Grammy Achievement Gong in 2011 and The Ramones were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.

The Ramones were certainly prolific, they recorded a grand total of 14 studio albums and six live albums. They also released a staggering 71 singles during their time and 32 music videos over the 22 year span when they were active.

It is indeed a tribute to see that they still influence music and culture today. It is not uncommon to see teenagers wearing Ramones T-shirts or listening to their music on their smartphones. Quite what the band would have thought about that, though, is a different matter entirely.