It’s hard to believe that many of the legends from the Grunge scene in Seattle are either over 50 years old or have passed away.

One common tenet that stays true is that most of the band members of groups such as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and many others say that their first inspiration was Punk Rock. Two music legends that have passed away and went on record to say that Punk music influenced their style heavily were Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell.

The former was the lead singer and song writer of the legendary Seattle band Nirvana. Cobain sadly took his own life in 2016, writing in his suicide note that he preferred to go out with a bang rather than waste away. He shot himself. Cobain, however, had given many interviews in which he said that he could see or hear that much of a difference between what was being put out as music by Nirvana and what was being put out ten years earlier on the underground punk scene.

He said that many of the bands he had watched as a teenager and many of the mix tapes that he had got his hands on had helped him form his style, which was totally self taught.

Nirvana drummer and legendary rocker Dave Grohl said the same. He had a totally different upbringing and basically went on tour as a drummer with various bands when he was just a teenager and in his spare time, he would always go and watch punk rock bands play. He says it still influences what he produces today. Fellow band member Pat Smear was originally in a Punk Rock band and played with The Germs. Chris Cornell, who sadly passed away in 2017 also gave many interviews in which he said that punk rock played a big role in shaping the music he produced with the various bands that he played with throughout his career.