Casinos are private with what information they share publicly. Even if people have broken the proverbial bank, they will always be private about it.

There is no doubt that every punk rocker that was on tour, paid a visit and had a flutter at the great many casinos at their disposal. The amazing thing is that you will never find any news record of it.

Some musicians, such as Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and Johnny Rotten from The Sex Pistols have alluded to he fact that they were involved in drug and alcohol related binges at casinos where they have literally splurged money away, but you will find hardly any hard factual literature about it on the internet.

It might seem crazy, but when you have that amount of money to spend, something like a casino bonus might have helped their thought process, but this is Punk Rockers that we are talking about.

When you have no money and all of a sudden are catapulted into the face of fame, normal reasoning goes out of the window and irrational behavior takes over.

You can try and search as much as you like, but the behavior of rock stars is only factually documented when they have trashed hotels to the point that the management makes a claim. While there is no doubt that many of them enjoyed nights out in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and, of course, London, there is not much documentation ti back that up.

The reasons why this happened are speculative, but the most plausible one is that none of them ever went in there sober and they spent thousands, if not millions of dollars and pounds which the house won. No doubt, they had their share of winnings, but being impaired as a result of crazy alcohol or drugs consumption, they gave it all back to the house.