One of the greatest and most famous Punk Rock bands to be formed in England were The Clash, from London.

Some music lovers classify their work as Ska, but most agree that it is a unique style of Punk Rock that was epitomized by the song Should I Stay or Should I Go.

The Clash formed in 1976 and they were one of the first bands to formally identify with the growing Punk scene. However, it must be noted that there was a lot of influence from the reggae, funk and ska genres. The Clash originally consisted of Joe Strummer who sang lead vocals and played rhythm guitar, Mick Jones who played lead guitar and also sang lead vocals, Paul Simonon on bass and backing vocals and Nicky Topper Headon who was the drummer and percussionist.

Headon left the group in 1982 and was followed by Jones a year later in 1983. The band struggled on for a further three years, but they could never quite capture the sound of the original quartet and eventually disbanded in 1986.

The group first hit the big time in the UK with their self titled album The Clash in 1977. Their second album, Give ‘Em Enough Rope was not as popular, but it kept them in the mix until the release of their third album, London’s Calling. This album propelled them to fame in the United States and the album was voted best album of the 1980s by influential music magazine Rolling Stone in 1990. The Clash followed up with a further three albums; Sandinista! in 1980, Combat Rock in 1982 and the Cut the Crap in 1985.

The Clash were very specific about the music that they wrote, the theme behind it and the audience they were playing to. Their music addressed the issues of poverty and social injustice as well as the boring everyday life that people in London had at the time in terms of going to work and straight home on a repeated cycle.